Thursday, December 10, 2015

TEDx Video Is Up! Words, Not Ideas: How to Write a Book | TEDxSpokane

Growing up off the grid in Downeast Maine came with some perks in addition to the seafood and sweet hunting-orange fashion accessories. I got to learn how writing is like stacking firewood from my neighbor, the poet Theodore Enslin. It started when I was young, and Ted and I had a written correspondence until he died in 2011. I'll never forget the long (10+ hour) conversations when I was in my 20s. We drank wine, ate weird smoked and pickled seafoods, and talked (well, mostly Ted talked. I sat there like a sponge). Obviously Ted inspired my TEDx talk, but to say that it were dedicated to him doesn't seem to hit the mark. He was a friend, and friendship permeates everything. The one thing that I can do is to ask you to read a bit of his poetry (and definitely read it out loud to let in the melody). 

As for my talk on writing, please feel free to ask questions in the comments. Thank you to the amazing audience at the sold-out Saint Georges School auditorium. You were awesome. Thank you to TEDxSpokane for inviting me to speak and for organizing such an inspiring event. A special shot of love to Grace Leaf, for her coaching and her amazing ability to bring out the best in others.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The New 2016 Portland Events Wall Calendar Hits Stores

It's hard to believe it's in its fifth year, but the Portland Events Wall Calendar is now out and in stores. I think the we included some really fun new events this year, like North Portland's creepy Doll Asylum and SOLVE Oregon, a huge event when hoards of trash collecting do-gooders clean up beaches on the Oregon coast. We actually fit something close to 300 events and activities this year, and Powell's, Fred Meyer, Costco, New Seasons, and a bunch of other stores have been really supportive yet again.

To pick one up, check out the local-retailer map below or grab one on Amazon. Or, to see some of the holiday events included in the calendar, check out the calendar's online Portland Christmas Guide 2015. Cheers to another eventful 2016!

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