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S2E9: The Verdict, Year 2 of Our Back to the Land Homestead

  Last year, I gave the verdict on the lasagna gardening method. This year, I set out to grow enough produce to last us an entire year, and I'll share precise details on crop yields and expenses below. But first, I want to show you how the garden is just one part of what we’re doing here in Midcoast Maine.  As I wrote in 2018, I took a step back from my career as a culinary travel writer to achieve specific back-to-the-land goals. As only video can show, this is what it’s like to step away from a desk and connect with nature. What it doesn’t show is that Maine is greatly free of the billboards and other types of advertising that suffocates the rest of the country, an aesthetic I find abhorrent.  I also achieved goals related to land stewardship, living intentionally, climate change, and privacy. As I talked about in the first video of Season 2, human populations are taking over the last unspoiled regions on earth, and land stewardship—the practice of caring for the health of an

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