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Season 2 Episode 4: Cooking with Homegrown Produce/The July Garden Update

"Dirty Homecoming©" - Written, performed, and recorded by Mattie J. Bamman After a lot of sweat and labor, the garden crops start to come in. By late June, we had radishes, lettuces, zucchini flowers, and Swiss chard. Using our homegrown veggies, we made Yotam Ottolenghi's Potato-Swiss Chard Pie  and PBR tempura battered fried zucchini flowers.  Peas, carrots, and green beans came in the first weeks of July for fresh pasta with buttered peas. We also made pesto the traditional Genevese way , with green beans mixed in. Our fledgling basil plants weren't enough to make fresh pesto, so we were thankful to still have pesto in the freezer we'd prepared using our 2019 crops.  The second part of Episode 4 is a tranquil tour of our Midcoast Maine subsistence garden on July 23, 2020. If only for a moment during this especially cold February in 2021, it's a wonderful escape to a place where the lawn is green and mowed, the birds are singing, and a bountiful garden of cr

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