Below, find all of the currently released Ravenous Farmer videos. The First Complete Year of Our 'Lasagna' Garden gives you the lay of our land in just under 6 minutes. Lasagna Gardening 101 shares the basics of the lasagna gardening method and shows how we set up our lasagna garden. In our case, it rapidly accelerated our new garden's productivity. And so on.

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The First Complete Year of Our 'Lasagna' Garden
Wow, we weren't expecting this.

Lasagna Gardening 101: Theory and Practice
Part 1 focuses on theory; Part 2 discusses the benefits of lasagna gardening; and Part 3 demonstrates how we built our lasagna garden from scratch.

Just Gardening and Metal
Gardening scenes put to original music.

Lasagna Gardening 102: Spring Planting
Part 1 covers getting an early start by planting seeds in a greenhouse; Part 2 shows how plant directly into a lasagna garden bed; and Part 3 covers transplanting seedlings from the greenhouse to the lasagna garden.


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