Caring for Lasagna Garden Beds in Year 2

"Dirty Homecoming/Gardening with Slayer©" - Written, performed, and recorded by Mattie J. Bamman

Episode 2 kicks off with sheer astonishment at the fertility of our soil, followed by basic instructions for maintaining a lasagna garden bed in its second year. We buy tons of seeds to experiment with new crops, and we also test out what happens when you plant outdoors in a greenhouse in Maine an entire month before the last frost date. We then take a trip to the Good Karma alpaca farm in Belfast to score some sweet manure. (Note Good Karma Farm’s manure is subject to availability).

To learn how to start a garden using the lasagna gardening method, watch my video Lasagna Gardening 101. The method is both the cheapest and fastest way to develop fertile organic soil that I know of. 

This is our second year of living in Midcoast Maine, and, now that we know more of our neighbors, we thankfully no longer have to pay an arm and a leg for many gardening supplies. This is one of the great tricks of homesteading: You become part of a community of gardeners and farmers who all share similar passions for hard and intelligent work in the natural world (not a computer, corner office, etc.). 

Join this historic American movement. Go back-to-the-land. 

Episode 3 airs next Friday, February 12, 2021.


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