The Best Wines I Drank This Year, 2009

I imagine that New Year’s Day must be the slowest day in the year in regard to internet traffic on alcohol-related blogs. To curb the effects of this yet-to-happen-blogging hangover I’m posting the all-star list of 2009 wines today.

It’s time to take stock in our successes and our failures and to smile and grimace with new wisdom. 2010, still untouched, promises 365 days of possibility which you an either let wash over you or take by the scruff of the neck in search for opportunity. One opportunity that I look forward to in the upcoming year is drinking these wines again. Another is finding wines that are as good or better. I want to know what your favorite wine of 2009 is, so friends, family, and gentle readers, please leave comments telling about your best wine memory. Here are mine:

Top 10 Red Wines

#1 “Divoto” 2001 Apollonio Winery (Negroamaro/Montepulciano)
#2 “Vigna Elena” Barolo 1999 Elvio Cogno Winery (Nebbiolo)
#3 St. Emillion 1998 Chateau Simard
#4 “Suavitas” Salice Salentino DOC Riserva 2004 Ionis Winery (Negroamaro/Malvasia Nera)
#5 “Elegia” 2006 Consorzio Produttori i Vini Winery (Primitivo)
#6 Central Coast Petite Sirah 2005 David Bruce Winery
#7 “Notarpanaro” 2003 Taurino Winery (Negroamaro)
#8 “Cappello di Prete” 200 Candido Winery (Negroamaro)
#9 “Ottavianello” 2007 Botrugno Winery (Ottavianello)
#10 “Patriglione” 2003 Taurino Winery (Negroamaro/Malvasia Nera)

Top 5 White Wines

#1 “Galatina Bianco” 2008 Valle Dell’Asso Winery (Chardonnay)
#2 “Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio” 2007 Vinosia Winery
#3 “i Sierra” 2008 Taurino Winery (Chardonnay)
#4 “Alticelli” 2008 Cantele Winery (Fiano di Puglia)
#5 “Donna Lisa” Bianco 2008 Leone De Castris (Malvasia Bianca)

Top Rosé Wines

#1 “Fanali” 2006 Apollonio Winery (Negroamaro)
#2 “5 Roses 65th Anniversary” 2008 Leone de Castris Winery (Negroamaro)
#3 “Scirocco” 2008 Pirro Varone Winery (Negroamaro)

Best Dessert Wine

#1 Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG N/V Araldica Winery

Top Sparkling Wines

#1 Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOC N/V Mionetto Winery
#2 “Sergio” Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOC N/V Mionetto Winery
#3 Proseccco di Valdobbiadene Vino Spumante Extra Dry – V.S.Q.P.R.D DOC N/V Santa Margharita Winery

Note on Rating: Unlike my usual rating system, which takes price into account, these wines are simply the best wines in regards to the 5-category rating system of Karen MacNeil: Expressiveness, Connectivity, Varietal, Complexity, and Integration.


Unknown said…
The long-term memory has been failing me these days so it's quite a feat to remember wines of the past year but I can tell you about a wine that I have recently really enjoyed. Ever since wine tasting in Puglia, I've been purchasing wines from that region whenever possible. In a small way I feel like I'm supporting the economy of a place that my brother has fallen in love with and decided to call home. That being said, my new favorite red is the Sant'Angelo Negroamaro. It is light and smooth and reminds me of a pinot noir with a twist. It is from the Salento region of Puglia. It is very well priced in the states and proved to be a great compliment to the salmon I grilled last night. Quite nice!
The Jonssons said…
I love these suggestions for wines - Ashley and others - and I was given my first bottle of Notapanaro Taurino 1999 as a Christmas gift.....fell in where do I find it/them? Anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area is fine with me - closest to the East Bay is best - but I'll drive to get these!

Thanks, Deb
Hi Deb,

Thank you for commenting! You are not the first person to ask about the Notapanaro---its seems the wine disappeared in the states recently. I'll do a little digging to find out more and then I'll write a post about it. Until then---Mattie
I've just published a post with a list of U.S. wine stores selling Notarpanaro:

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