An Italian Drinking Song

Bevilo tutto, bevilo tutto
Bevilo tutto, bevilo tutto

L'ha bevuto tutto
Non é fatto male
L'aqua fa male
Il vino fa cantare!

One of my best memories of Italy is singing this song with good friends (cheers ya'll). The basic idea is this. The table begins singing "bevilo tutto" repeatedly until a carefully chosen victim drains their glass of wine. The person then turns their glass up side down, and if a drop falls, the person must refill the glass and try again.

If a drop does not fall, the second verse is sung to completion, beginning with "L'ha bevuto tutto..."

The song roughly translations:

Drink it all, drink it all
Drink it all, drink it all, etc.

She/He has drunk it all
and it didn't make her ill
Water makes you ill
Wine makes you sing!

If you want to see some drunk Italian guys sing their own version, click here.


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