Go Prosecco For New Year's!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I recently ran across a decent Prosecco at Trader Joe's that would make a perfect celebratory libation for anyone who wants to keep it cheap. At 5.99 a bottle, Villa Carlotti Prosecco offers a great balance of quality and price. I use this cheap Prosecco as a welcome cocktail for my out-of-home supper club, Hip Nana. It has many of the qualities of an good Prosecco - crisp, lightly fruity, friendly - with the only drawback being that it isn't 100% clean. But that's splitting hairs! For this price, you can go for more than a couple bottles.

Here's a review with pictures.

If you want to get real classy, Trader Joe's also sells Zonin's "Brut" Prosecco, a delicious Prosecco, for 6.99. Buon capoanno ragazzi!


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