The Best Rosé in Southern Italy?

The Radici del Sud 2011 wine convention took place just a few weeks ago (Jeremy Parzen did a killer job covering it, with all the traditional Pugliese foods photographed) and the results are in: Albea winery's 2010 "Petrarosa" was voted the best southern Italian rosé of the year.

I've never gotten a chance to taste Albea's wines or the Petrarosa (which means red stone) rosé. Has anyone else? If so, what's it like? The rosés from Puglia are some of the most highly regarded in Italy, so it's no minor achievement being crowned the best of the best.

Meanwhile, I'll be calling the wineshops in Portland, Oregon, trying to get my hands on some. I was happy to find Tormaresca's "Bocca di Lupo" recently, and another edition of the Puglia Wine Review will be coming soon.


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