Taking Semi-Nude Girls to Redneck Bars for Vice Magazine

Pick up a (free) Vice magazine and check out the latest photo shoot. Went on a raging ride to and through the Twin Peaks Festival. We staged murders, took semi-nude gals to redneck bars, and more. The two Vice journalists I was riding with even got Employee of the Month awards (whatever that means). Here are scans from the mag, but you can pick up you very own Vice at, you know, cool stores.


Ben said…
Totally love Vice and what they do. So cool you get to work with them.
Yo Ben,

Totally rad magazine. In the same issue, they also cover hardcore issues like being a rebel in Libya.
Ben said…
Yeah, I sort of got addicted to watching the VBS TV news stuff they did. The special on North Korea blew my mind. I had just finished reading 1984 and had no idea there was a place where that was a reality.

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