Panoramic View from Lion's Head Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Lion's Head Mountain stands besides Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, and it's just a 45-minute hike to this awesome panoramic view. The sheer beauty of Cape Town is blowing my mind. I mean, imagine a vibrant, chic city full of cutting edge restaurants surrounded by beaches, wine country, and hikes. That is Cape Town. I've found it nearly impossible to capture the scenery in one photo. Everything is huge here.


Jeff Titelius said…
It certainly sounds and looks like you're having the time of your life my friend!! Savor every moment and every bite along the way. Looking forward to reading lots about about your South African adventure!
Nubian said…
Photographs do not do the majestic mountains any justice. Can't wait till you get back so we can sit and visit about your trip.
Photos will never capture it.

So many amazing people, top-notch, high-value restaurants, excellent wineries (and just 30 minutes from the center of town!), rockin bars, and sheer beauty.

Thanks guys! I feel so lucky to get to experience Cape Town.

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