Publication Updates: More Ravenous Travel Reading Material

I'm happy to report that I'm busy ghost writing a book on Australian wine as well as serving as editor of Big Weekend Calendar's 2013 Portland Events Calendar. When things slow down, I'll get back to writing posts on By The Tun. Here's the latest round of Ravenous Traveler Brand food-and-wine travel adventures—all served with a side of Oregon wine country's Joel Palmer House:

Seeing and Eating Exotic Animals in South Africa, published by
Guide to Wine Tasting near Cape Town, South Africa, published by The Viator Blog
Wine Tasting in the Ahr Valley, Germany, published by
How To Feel Local in South Africa, published by
Exploring Cape Town's Good Food & Wine Show, published by
Drinking Up South African History, published by

During this summer's annual Wine Bloggers Conference, I took a pre-game trip to Youngberg Hill Winery, where Chef Christopher Czarnecki served a meal of seasonal dishes from the restaurant. The pairings weren't particularly on point, but the food was killer.

Two unique flavors in one chilled soup: cucumber-lemon balm & tomato-pickled ginger (the acidity murdered the pinot gris)

Nothing like a taste of home: Czarnecki's version of beef stroganoff, which comes with porcinis and black truffle cream

A delicious Pot de Chocolat or two?

And to finish off, a beautiful view from Youngberg's deck overlooking Willamette Valley. Oh, to harken back to the days when it wasn't raining in Oregon...


iffatali said…
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Miss Bacchus said…
I came across this site and really enjoyed the "Ravenous Travel Reading Material" post--looking forward to more posts this year. Thx!
Hey Miss Bacchus,

Thanks for the kind words! They are always very much appreciated.


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