Discovering the Old Italy: Puglia and Basilicata (new article)

Amphitheater in Lecce, Puglia
Originally published on the Viator Travel Blog.

It wasn’t long ago that travel guidebooks ignored Southern Italy, but the regions of Puglia and Basilicata have long been top travel destinations among Italy’s domestic travelers. Why let them have all the fun? In Puglia, white-sand beaches, a booming culinary culture, and an old style of hospitality—the kind Italy is famous for—is the norm, while Basilicata offers the beautiful cave-dwelling town of Matera, a place so old school that Mel Gibson used it to film the Passion of the Christ.

With cultural traditions intact, these destinations offer a different style of travel than Italy’s more visited towns and cities; indeed, each town and city in these Italian regions fiercely guards its identity, holding on to the old way to doing things....

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