New Article: The Best Izakaya in Portland, on Thrillist

Look at it—isn't it beautiful? I've had my first article published by Thrillist Portland!

To kick things off, I went on an investigative drinking and meat-on-a-stick-eating journey into Portland's dark, umami-saturated Japanese taverns, izakaya. I found the best pork-belly preparations and wasabi-flavored cocktails and a surprising quantity of delicious fried chicken. Writing for opens up new terrain in terms of voice, and I've always liked its irreverent but dead-on take on food and culture. My next article will be up soon!

The 8 Best Izakaya (Japanese-Style Taverns) in Portland
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Photo by Kari Young

Because Japan and America go together like... um, Tom Selleck and that movie where he moves to Japan, it should be no surprise that a slew of that country's sweetest kind of drinking establishment, izakaya, are showing up stateside, especially in booze happy Portland. Half tavern, half tapas joint, these bars serve mostly beer and sake, along with small plates of what passes for pub food over there, aka noodles, skewered meats, and other delicious reasons to check out the eight best izakayas in PDX...

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