2017 Portland Events Wall Calendar Is Now In Stores

Researching and editing the Portland Events Wall Calendar was my first job in Portland, back in 2010, and I'm excited to say the 2017 edition is now available. We're in our sixth year, and I think it's the best year, yet. We added new events, found 2017 dates to help you plan, and feature another year of beautiful photos of Portland and the surrounding area. Find a copy at local stores, like New Seasons, Powell's, and Food Front Grocery, or buy it online at Powell's or Amazon.

I tried to fit in all of the Portland events that involve eating and drinking — of course — including Feast Portland and The Bite of Oregon, and we found some really cool new things to do, too. Here are some standouts:

  • the Code Orange Egg Drop (Seriously: A helicopter drops 20,000 plastic Easter eggs in Brentwood City Park. Around 2000 kids partake, and it's free).
  • TEDx Portland (After doing my own TEDx talk, I knew this was an inspiring event)
  • the Great American Eclipse (I recommend finding a viewing spot asap. My colleagues at the tourism boards say every hotel in the path of the eclipse has pretty much been booked)
  • Bike Scout Scavenger Hunt (It's just as cool as it sounds)
Again this year, the dates for the 2017 events are written right on the calendar for planning purposes:

And the calendar features photos of events and fun things to do around Portland all year long:


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