The First Year of Our 'Lasagna' Garden in Under 6 Minutes

"Gardening with Slayer" - Written, performed, and recorded by Mattie J. Bamman, mastered by Andy Getting

In 2018, my wife and I left Portland, Oregon, and moved to Maine to pursue the good life. We immediately put in a "lasagna" garden, an essential element of the good life as it was taught to me by the older generations of Maine's back-to-the-land movement. See the complete first year of our garden in just under 6 minutes in the video above.

I hope you’re all staying safe out there. For those in the hospitality industries, it is time to keep your chin up rather than your head down. This crappy virus will end. Then it will be time to rebuild. If you’re ever in Midcoast Maine during the summer, just shoot me a hello and I’ll give you some vegetables—assuming we're out of self-isolation by then.

With all the craziness, it’s easy to miss the vital opportunity COVID-19 is offering us: the chance to step back from busy lifestyles and reconnect with our homes and ourselves. Now’s the time to knock out some of those self-care goals that have been sitting on the shelf for years. To that end, I am releasing the Ravenous Farmer video series: instructional videos about living the good life through food security (gardening).

Flavor is at the root of all of this. What’s well-grown tastes good. What’s grown en-mass with pesticides tastes like $@#%. I just can't get around the fact that, in many urban environments, only wealthy people can afford to eat good produce [see: Whole Foods]. Even worse, the rest of us must purchase produce that was picked unripe and gassed to appear colorful, giving the semblance of ripeness.

Why not grow your own "luxury" ingredients and get some exercise at the same time by gardening?

I believe the two greatest things we can do are 1) live in the present through intentional living and 2) replenish the earth. I’ve found both in gardening. Have questions along the way? Drop a comment below or sign up for my newsletter and get specific responses via email.


IMBY said…
This is awesome Matty!!! I'd love to check out your homestead someday. Def something to be proud of, kudos to you and your wife.
Unknown said…
I want to come eat at your house! The food looks delicious and healthy.

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