Season Two of Our Maine Homestead Begins NOW

""Dirty Homecoming©" - Written, performed, and recorded by Mattie J. Bamman.

Watch the premiere of The Ravenous Farmer Project Season 2: The Pests. In our second year homesteading, we try to grow enough produce to last us through the next spring. This requires doubling the size of our garden using the lasagna gardening technique, also know as sheet mulching, and adding new crops, like strawberries and asparagus. With increased ambition comes increased challenges: We struggle with our seedlings, fend off attacks from the local bugs and vermin, and deal with electrical fence issues. 

After a quick preview of the episodes to come, Episode One concludes with a several of the benefits we experienced by going back-to-the-land. After 2020 and the pandemic, I know many of us are rethinking how we live and how to face the future. If you're interested in homesteading or growing more of your own food, I hope Season 2 of The Ravenous Farmer Project will provide key tips for getting up and running, from how to establish a new garden to how to cook famous restaurant dishes using homegrown produce.


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