Update on the Martini Sitch (-uation)

So far, all of the bartenders I have spoken with (which is three) say that there is no name in Italian for a regular ol' martini (gin/vodka and dry vermouth with olives, lemon, etc.). This makes it, in my experience, nearly impossible to order a martini in Italy. If you order a martini in a bar, you could get white, red, or dry Martini&Rossi Vermouth in a glass. If you order a martini secco (dry martini) it is made with 50% dry vermouth and 50% gin or vodka. It will likely also arrive with a straw, an ice cube, and a big slice of lemon. Sounds like Italy needs more Martini Hospitals (see below).

Kristin and I have learned the word for droplet and now have a favorite bartender who knows how to make excellent gin martini. Dropping the local olives, which are cured for as few as 3 days, into the cold gin is one activity that can completely distract me from the local wines. mmmmmm---!

In other news, we're cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 12 Italian friends tomorrow. I know we're early this year, but no one has this Thursday off around here---waddayagonna do? Making stuffing from scratch is proving to be rewarding, and Kristin's throwing in some of her cornbread. Finding a turkey wasn't all that difficult luckily, and, as we speak, I believe that it's still running around.


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