Come out Come out Wherever You Are

From the You Asked Department (Below: Can you read between the wines?)

After writing a post on Taurino Winery's "Notarpanaro," I received a few comments asking how to find Notarpanaro in San Francisco. Taurino was the first winery in Puglia to export its wine to the United States, and fortunately it has maintained good connections with reliable distributors. Taurino's current distributor is IMA Imports. I learned this because I attended a wine tasting in Puglia a few weeks ago with Dr. Fernando Antonio Bello, export manager of the winery.

There are some interesting things happening at Taurino, most interesting is a new wine made with Primitivo. Until now, Taurino has worked almost exclusively with Negroamaro, blending other grapes at percentages of only 5 or 10 percent. Now they have a 100% Primitivo. Things are changing at the 150 year old winery.

The Primitivo was impressive. Not overly sticky or sweet. Very smooth, with a Californian-Zinfandel-like spice. A very modern effort from the old country.

I'm currently in the process of hunting down someone at IMA Imports who can help me answer the above question: where to find Taurino's Notarpanaro in California. I think I have a lead...


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