Two Excellent Cabernet Sauvignons for Under $15

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I find inexpensive Cabernet Sauvignons pretty hit or miss, and sadly, most of the time when I buy an unknown Cabernet Sauvignon for less than $15 it's just no good. I recently found two very popular Cabs that you can probably find everywhere in the United States. They suit my tastes, are exceptionally delicious with all of the typical characteristics that I expect from a Cabernet, and they're cheap.

2006 Hogue Cellars "Genesis" Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $11 at Safeway
Pairs With: Charles Bukowski, Russian Absurdism, Stephen Elliott
Like many Columbia Valley cabs, this one has a nice herbaceous character. It's medium to full bodied with good spice. It has tannins but nothing over the top. Most importantly, it has neither bright fruit or jamminess. This wine was one of the top picks at a recent blind-tasting party. Wine Spectator Score: 88/Robert Parker Score: 85

2008 Rodney Strong "Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon"
Price: $13 at Safeway
Pairs With: Dostoevsky, George Bataille, Truman Capote
I prefer this one just a tad. Full bodied all the way, it is as silky as they come. Fruit takes a back seat to earth. Strong tannins: You can pair this bad boy with anything robust. Long, long finish. No reviews out yet.


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