Buona Festa della Mamma!

From the All Puglia Cooking All the Time Department

Happy Mother's day everyone! We just completed our mother's day feast. The sky is a mix of rainbow, nuclear-orange haze, thunder clouds, and blue sky, and no I'm not on hallucinogens, I just live in Portland, Oregon.

When we lived in Puglia, my girlfriend and I loved to recreate the dishes we ate in restaurants. To share the incredible traditional cuisine of Puglia, I will feature traditional Pugliese recipes regularly on By The Tun for the next few months. My girlfriend and I run a supper club called Hip Nana, which focuses on Puglia's simple cuisine, and we've collected many recipes that are difficult to find in English (at least we've had a hard time!). Most of the recipes we use have five ingredients of less. Today, we cooked an authentic Pugliesi Sunday dinner (as authentic as you can get without Puglia's salt-wind kissed vegetables) for Kristin's mom. Below are some photos to get your taste buds going. More recipes and photos to come. I hope everyone had a great Festa della Mamma!


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