In Amsterdam for the Christening of Viking River Cruise's New Longships

Over the next four days I'll be Tweeting from the waterways of Holland! Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates. I've never been on a cruise of any kind before, and I'm not sure what to expect. My dad was a wooden boat builder, so I love being out on the water and can't wait to see the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam from the waves.

Viking River Cruises specializes in all-inclusive river cruises in Europe and China, and I will be covering the christening of its new longboats in Amsterdam for Each longboat can accommodate 190 passengers, so these aren't megacruises. Upcoming highlights include awesome views from longboat balconies; a visit to the famous Amsterdam distillery, House of Bols, followed by a tour of the Red Light District (there's no way I'm letting jet lag make miss this on the first day!); a trip to the famous Kinderdijk area, known for its windmills (Van Gogh was also born near there—Will there be absinth *hint *hint?); a trip to the Hague and Rotterdam's art museums.


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