New Article: The Enigmatic Oregon White Truffle

The Enigmatic Oregon White Truffle
Published in Northwest Travel Magazine
Jan. 2015
By Mattie John Bamman

Photo © Oregon Truffle Festival
Black and white truffles are some of the world’s most expensive delicacies, and until recently, many believed that culinary-quality truffles grew exclusively in France and Italy. In fact, a lot of misinformation has surrounded truffles, but this much is sure: The Oregon truffle industry is booming, and what was once nearly impossible to obtain is now locally available.

Fundamentally, truffles are a type of fungi. Dr. Charles Lefevre, a forest mycologist and founder of the Oregon Truffle Festival, points out that there are important differences between truffles. “Oregon black truffles are the most popular among chefs,” he says. “They have tropical fruit and chocolate aromas. White truffles are much more earthy; the European variety has an almost animal-musk aroma.” Read full article------->


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