Watch: Sammich PDX Reveals the Art of 7-Day Pastrami

Moving to Portland after opening her flagship Sammich sandwich shop in Ashland, Oregon, Melissa McMillan can smoke meats with the best of them, and at the heart of the menu is her seven-day, Montreal-style pastrami sandwich, utilizing beef brisket. In the video below, Melissa shows RavTrav what goes into the sandwich — the one I loved cramming into my face so much I gave her the title, Portland Sandwich Queen.

Sammich PDX opened summer 2016 at 2137 East Burnside St., following on the heels of Melissa's Portland-based Pastrami Zombie food truck, now located in the Mississippi Marketplace pod. Beyond the pastrami, you can't go wrong with anything else on the menu (aside for the grilled cheese; that's for kids, silly).

Speaking of kids, outside of work Melissa coaches baseball for boys ages 10 to 14. But watch out boys: We shot the video right after Melissa returned from her niece's basketball game in Seattle, and she says the game was so fierce she may one day switch to coaching girls basketball.


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