Updated: Teote's Mezcaleria Is Now Pouring on NE Alberta [MENUS]

Updated: Teote Mezcaleria just shared its expansive list of mezcals, tequilas, and rare agave spirits with RavTrav. Check out its food and drink menus below!

Original coverage: Teote Mezcaleria is now open with abbreviated hours at 2700 NE Alberta. It is sister restaurant to the absolutely killer arepas spot in Portland's Hawthorne neighborhood, Teote. While it will serve some food, it's really a gamechanger for lovers of mezcal, tequila, and rare Mexican spirits.

"Currently we have 106 Mexican spirits," Teote Mezcalaria manager, Diego Bañuelos Enríquez, tells RavTrav. "We have 77 mezcals from 42 brands, featuring 31 maguey varietals, from 31 Mexican municipalities."

The extensive bottle selection means you can try the many different flavors of the agave plant — and get away from the more one-dimensionally smoky mezcals that usually cross the Mexico-U.S. border. Just like wine grapes, different agave species have different aromas and flavors, and small-production mezcals let those inherent, nuanced flavors shine. Mezcal is the only spirit I can think of that features varietal distinctions, from tropical fruits to different weights and textures.
Watch: See an agave harvest in Mexico on Ravenous Traveler
Supporting small-production mezcals also makes a big environmental and socioeconomic difference in small Mexican cities and villages: A single distillery can fuel an entire village's economy. With the mezcal trend only getting hotter, the future of these small distilleries is in jeopardy, as more and more large businesses try to buy them out — often internationally owned.

Mezcal master Eduardo Ángeles of Lalocura Mescalaria dropping agave knowledge. That's the heart of the agave plant, which is fermented as part of the process of making mezcal. Photo: Mattie John Bamman

Teote Mezcaleria currently operates Thursday Wednesday through Saturday Sunday, from 5 to 11 p.m. It has featured a DJ every night it's been open, with several DJ-fueled nights on the books for March and April. The bar is already pouring mezcal, as well as related libations like comiteco. I personally cannot wait to see the full mezcal bottle list.

Here's Teote Mezcaleria's food and drink menu [3.9.18]:

An agave field outside Oaxaca, Mexico. Photo: Mattie John Bamman

A harvest worker slices off agave leaves to reveal the pina, or the heart of the agave plant. Photo: Mattie John Bamman


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