La Poire Fizz - Perhaps The Best Drink In The World

My friend, who works at the Starlight Room in San Francisco, introduced me to the Poire Fizz the other day. Poire, in French, means pear. At my going away party (I will soon be traveling to Europe to taste wines from all over the continent, particularly Italy) he bore no restraint, and mixed some of the best Poire Fizzes ever to grace the earth.

I wanted to learn more about the Fizz, but no web site other than the Starlight Room's featured it with the exact ingredients we used. The Starlight Room or Harry Denton's Starlight Room is a dramatic night club located on the top floor of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco that features huge chandeliers, plenty of red plush fabric and a staff that knows mixology on levels that I aspire to. Perhaps the bar invented the concoction?

The drink involves pear-flavored vodka, St. Germain liquor, champagne or sparkling wine and pineapple juice. Living up to his title, Reym the mixologist whipped out Grey Goose la Poire and Veuve Clicquot as ingredients and went to work. The Fizz he created was perfectly balanced, mixing the wonderful pear and pineapple fruit with the succulent sweetness of the elderflowers used to make St. Germain. St. Germain liquor comes from France, and touches on the flavors of peach, pear, citrus and lychee. To make all of these flavor truly ignite, a topper of the Veuve Clicquot and its bubbles is added.

Here's the recipe so that you can make your own Poire Fizz at home.

Pour the following into a shaker:

2oz pear flavored vodka
2oz St. Germain
2oz pineapple juice

Mix and pour into champagne glasses leaving room for a sparkling wine or champagne topper, top off, and let the good times roll!


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