Other Quotes from a Recent Trip to Tuscany

From the Department of Common Sense

What is the biggest problem in Tuscany today? Is it that winemakers are succumbing to pressure from the world market and conforming to international flavors and styles? Is it the poor economy?

When I spoke with winemakers in June, it sounded like deer were the big challenge. The animals are not hunted (as locals prefer to pursue wild boar) and their numbers have grown outrageous. Neither fences or alarms are able to keep the beasts from eating those delicious Sangiovese grapes.

In other news, "It is not incredible that one movie could change the minds of so many people. It's that so many people are so stupid." ---of the phenomenon of the movie Sideways
--Franca Gatteschi of the Tuscan Mammas Culinary Tours

To conclude our program, I'd like address the impact that Italy has upon visitors, as well as the Materialistic World verses the World of the Dinner Table. "At the table you never get old. You stop thinking about what you put on the outside of your body, and begin thinking about what you put inside.”
--Georgeta Perhald, Sommelier for Rocca delle MacĂ­e

That concludes our program. See you next time on By The Tun.


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