5 Awesome Wine Labels

Just a fun post for New Year's Eve. I've come across some pretty handsome wine labels this year, and I'm really digging the more avant-garde labels that wineries are putting out. Please add your favorite wine labels to the list—I'd love to see them. It's always a pleasure to get a glimpse of a winemaker or winery's personality:

Brooks Winery's "Runaway White" —This wine label features the forlorn face of a teenage waif, and what's with the freaky chalice? It makes me think that the runaway joined a cult and now subsists on human blood, perhaps with false hopes of immortality planted by the cult leader. But what do I know?

Love & Squalor Winery's "Fancy Pants" — Darn cute and clearly well read, this wine has its priorities straight. I don't dry my clothes on a clothes line, but this wine makes me feel good about choosing the travel-writing life of two-figure paychecks and good wine.

Zombie Cellar's "Zombie Zin" — What can I say, I'm a sucker for zombies. 100% Grade A awesome.

J. Christopher's "Cristo Irresisto" - I really like this label both because its elegant and it reminds me of a statue I saw in a cemetery outside of Piran, Slovenia. The photo doesn't do it justice, but the statue immediately evoked the feeling of having lost the love of one's life. Ouch. A tragic but beautiful wine label.

Brook's Winery Sangiovese — I wasn't expecting to feature two labels by one winery, but Brooks's labels aren't afraid to be different (as you can see, they even stick dissimilar wine labels on their own bottles). This tranquil wine label reminds me of Oregon's cherry blossom season. I find it very calming... soothing... Totally unlike this terrible wine label I found the other day:

What a gimmick...

Happy New Year's!

Can't wait to share more travel stories over great wines in 2012!


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