Bootsnall Publication - The Amazing Coastal Towns of Croatia

Returning home, dripping with olive-oil-scented sweat from withdrawal, I needed to share the intense flavors of Croatia. Ideally, I would have prepared an entire goat in the traditional peka preparation and served it to you with smokey potatoes and carrots. This turned out to be impossible, so the next best thing was to write an article: The Amazing Coastal Towns of Croatia, which is published by If you're looking for an introduction to Croatia, I think this is a good resource. If you're planning your first trip to Croatia's coast, this article will give you a lay of the land, featuring five awesome cities: Rovinj, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, and Dubrovnik. If you're just one of my friends and you want to help a brother out: check out the article and leave a comment!


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