Twitter Tasting of Croatian Wine at Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend

The Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend takes place this weekend, April 13-15.

(Photo by Ai@ce)

Wine writers and wine lovers from all over the world are going to celebrate Croatian wine with a Twitter tasting, and since I live on the west coast, I'll be drinking at the ungodly hour of 8am, Saturday morning! In Zagreb—and at 5 PM Croatian time mind you—wine tweeter Cliff Rames (of Wines of Croatia) will moderate a Twitter tasting and lecture on the power of Twitter and wine marketing; you can read all about it here. Consider this your invitation to drink early in the morning with the professionals! We'll sample three Croatia wines, and, though anything can happen during a Twitter tasting (and I mean anything), I expect we'll swap tasting notes and outline the general characteristics of Croatian wine, such as the most popular grape varieties and the flavor profiles of the resulting wines. It will be a great opportunity to learn about Croatian wine from a group of people who have their tongues to the ground. So pour out the Corn flakes!

My good friend, colleague, and fellow wine devotee Marcy Gordon (of Come for the Wine wine blog) will be there, as will wine celebrities James the Wine Guy and Richard Jennings. We'll be using the hashtags #WoCroatia and #ZWGW.

We'll taste Krajancic winery's 2009 Posip, Milos winery's 2006 Plavac Mali, and Terzolo winery's 2009 Teran—all graciously supplied by the Blue Danube Wine Company:

I was absolutely blown away by the wines that I drank in Croatia last fall, from the bone dry, highly ageable plavac mali reds from the southern coast to the friendly Posip whites from the Dalmatian Coast and the dynamic Terans from the Istrian Peninsula. I expect that Croatian wine will become a familiar feature in U.S. wine shops over the next decade, and whether or not you make it to the tasting, try out a bottle of Croatian wine for yourself. If your local wine shops don't have any, ask them to consider stocking some, or order straight from Blue Danube Wine Company, which is one of the main U.S. distributors.


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