2014 Portland Events Wall Calendar in Stores Now

The 2014 Portland Events Wall Calendar: Something all cities need, and only Portland, Oregon has (Ok, Austin, too)

I've been a part of the Portland Events Wall Calendar crew since its inception, and, now that we're in our third year (and our calendar has become the all-time, best-selling calendar at Powell's Books!), I thought I'd share it here on Ravenous Traveler. This thing is beautiful, and I wish that I'd had something like it when I'd first moved to Portland (as well as San Francisco, New York, Italy...). It offers hundreds of ideas for fun things to do with the Portland community, and that's what Big Weekend Calendars and the Portland Events Wall Calendar is all about: having fun as a city.

Now in its third year, the Portland Events calendar shares more than 250 Portland-area events and activities with the dates printed right on the calendar. Just hang it up; enjoy the big photos by award-winning local photographer Mark Gamba (Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Adventure, Forbes), and get ready for an entire year of awesome things to do in Portland. Most importantly, the calendar includes dates for Portland events for the entire upcoming year. Yep, that means you will know what's happening in Portland in December 2014 right now.

Portland has so many awesome events, and our city's great organizers are so creative that there's something new every year. I mean, Feast Portland only deputed last year, and now it's one of the most anticipated food events in the country. Along with Feast, the 2014 Portland Events Wall Calendar includes plenty of other food, wine, and beer events—even sak√© events. In 2014, we feature the Taste of the Nation Portland, PDX Urban Wine Experience, Portland Seafood & Wine Festival, Oregon Brewers Festival, and many more. We also include Portland bike events, from Reach the Beach and the PDX Bicycle Show to the World Naked Bike Ride. Portland running events are there, too—from the Shamrock Run to the Worst Day of the Year Run, and we have Portland-weird events, too, including the Adult Soapbox Derby and the Vampire's Masquerade Ball. Of course, the calendar also has your back when it comes to major events, such as the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade and The Pirate Festival.

Check out how it works: For each calendar month, event names and descriptions up top; dates on the grid below

Our photographer Mark really deserves an extra shout out. Mark Gamba has taken photos for so many amazing groups, including Entertainment Weekly, ESPN, Esquire, Men's Journal, People, Runner's World, Sunset, and the list goes on. His work is featured in museums on both coasts, too. I mean, how many wall calendars come with this level of photography? And Mark shoots sides of Portland that you may not have seen before, whether it's a home-made Halloween graveyard in Milwaukee or zany participants of the Worst Day of the Year Ride crossing the Steel Bridge. For those of you who haven't bought a calendar before, I'll show off a few of the photos from the 2012 and 2013 Portland Events Wall Calendars at the end of this post to give you a better idea of what Mark does.

The 2014 Portland Events wall calendar is sold pretty much everywhere, including:

  • Powell' Books
  • All New Seasons locations
  • All Zupan's Markets locations
  • All local Costcos
  • All local Whole Foods Markets
  • Both Food Front Cooperative groceries
  • Mirador Community Store
  • The Portland Nursery
  • New Renaissance Bookshop
  • Alberta Cooperative Grocery 
  • Annie Bloom's
  • Audubon Society of Portland
  • Broadway Books

You can also buy one online here. (By the way, one of the tough knocks about the calendar business is that our Amazon.com reviews do not carry over each year. So, if you've got a moment, please review us and let people others know what you think about the calendar.)

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to all of the people who buy our calendar as well as all of the hard-working event organizers who supply us with their event dates so far in advance (we know it isn't easy!). We get lots of support from local businesses, business owners, websites, food trucks—and we're honored. The calendar is researched and edited by Portlanders; the photographs are taken by a Portland photographer; Portlanders comprise the sales team; and it is printed by Precision Graphics, based in Tualatin. I love our Portland community, and I hope that our calendar can help people connect with all of the creativity in Slabtown.

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