Interview with Rachel Yang, Chef and Owner of Trove, Revel and Joule

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Rachel Yang, Chef and Owner of Trove, Revel and Joule

Rachel Yang, chef and owner of Seattle restaurants Joule, Revel and Trove, exemplifies global cuisine. With influences based in Asia, France, Germany and other spots around the world, Yang creates modern and creative cuisine in her restaurants. Her biggest influences are her Korean heritage and the classic French techniques that can be seen and tasted throughout her dishes. Chef Yang works in tandem with business partner and husband, Seif Chirchi, who is also a chef, and together, they have created a restaurant group that is making a name for itself through harmonious innovation.

How do you describe Northwest cuisine?
Personally, I believe that you are cooking Northwest cuisine when you cook using the best produce that you can find locally in the Northwest. The region and the food scene have grown so diverse that there is no other way to define our cuisine.  

Who are your favorite purveyors that you regularly work with?

Alvarez Organic Farm— For instance, it has a page-long list of different pepper varieties each summer.
Local Roots Farm has exceptionally fresh greens that keep so well in the walk in.
Willowood Farm plants specific produce on request.

When you go out for a nice meal, what are two or three of your favorite spots?
Rock Creek. They have the best seafood in town.

Who are two other Northwest chefs that you admire?
Matt Dillon. His dishes are very northwest, but he will surprise you by slipping different regional influences in.

Looking toward the future, what about Northwest cuisine most excites you? What are you most excited to do in the kitchen?
People. There are so many people, from farmers and chefs to customers, who are passionate about Northwest cuisine.

Trove Restaurant
500 East Pike Street
Seattle, WA


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