Watch: Xico Restaurant Is One of the Best Places to Drink Craft Mezcal in PDX

While most cheap mezcals are defined by their smokiness, the best mezcals can be fruity and grassy and in general have a huge depth of character. After touring a mezcal harvest in Oaxaca in January, I needed to find out where to drink great mezcal in Portland, Oregon.

Xico is one of the only places serving modern Mexican food in Portland, and in my search, it immediately stood out, both for its wide selection of 30+ mezcals and for its Mezcal Experiences, a flight of three mezcals served with three Mexican bites by chef Kelly Myers. When I reached out to Xico, Denis Lindsay, a man lucky enough to bear the title, Mezcal Manager, told me Xico had just updated its mezcal flights.

Mezcal is not just smoky tequila; in fact, tequila is a type of mezcal (like scotch is a type of whiskey), and mezcals can be made from 30 different types of agave — each with their own flavor profiles, much like different wine grapes. Tequila is only made with one: blue agave.

See what it's all about in the video:

Looking for more? Head to Oaxaca with me to tour a mezcal harvest and the Lalocura mezcal distillery.


Anonymous said…
Check out Alto Bajo and the Lo Bar next time - mezcal and modern mexican food.
Been to Alto Bajo and Lo Bar several times since it opened last year. I prefer Xico's setting: neighborhood spot vs. hotel bar and restaurant.

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