Lasagna Gardening 103: Summer Update

"Unsustainable Farming Practices Lead to Misery and Ruin" - Written, performed, and recorded by Mattie J. Bamman, mastered by Andy Getting

With spring planting in the rearview mirror, our new lasagna garden begins to produce, and this allows us to recreate some of our favorite restaurant dishes using our homegrown fruits and vegetables. As the former editor of Eater PDX and restaurant critic at Willamette Week, I love keeping my connection with restaurants in Portland, Oregon, alive on our homestead 3,000 miles away in Maine.

In the Summer Update, take a quick garden tour to see just what a lasagna garden looks like in its first summer (as covered in Lasagna Gardening 101, the lasagna gardening method is the same as sheet mulching and similar to hugelkultur). You’ll also find creative ideas for how to turn your garden bounty into restaurant-quality meals. My wife and I had just established our lasagna garden six months earlier, so the results were hard to believe. That said, I discovered a major drawback from using straw I thought might upend the entire project. #strawmageddon “Unsustainable Farming Practices Lead to Misery and Ruin©" - written, performed, and recorded by Mattie John Bamman, mastered by Andy Gettings.


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