Lasagna Gardening 104: The First Harvest

"Unsustainable Farming Practices Lead to Misery and Ruin©" - Written, performed, and recorded by Mattie J. Bamman, mastered by Andy Getting

With Midcoast Maine's fall foliage on full display, the Fall Update covers our crop yields from the first year of our lasagna garden. The update includes precise information on the total costs of setting up and operating our garden during the first year. Additionally, it lists how we preserved the different crops, from freezing to processing (canning next year!).

If you have any questions related to the costs of setting up a lasagna garden, please ask. One of my goals with the Ravenous Farmer project is to show how cheaply you can establish a garden and begin reaping the benefits of homegrown fruits and vegetables. With lasagna gardening, you can basically make a pile of organic materials, plant seeds, water them, and grow food.

In the next video, I give The Verdict on the lasagna gardening method based on the results of our first year.


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