Lasagna Gardening 105: The Verdict After Year 1

"Unsustainable Farming Practices Lead to Misery and Ruin©" - Written, performed, and recorded by Mattie J. Bamman, mastered by Andy Getting

I deliver the verdict on the first year of our lasagna garden. Did this crazy way of starting a garden work? Will we keep gardening next year, or, like, launch a tech startup instead?

This video concludes the first year of the Ravenous Farmer video series. Season Two: The Pests premieres January 2021.


Unknown said…
My Grandfather used to leave his carrots in the ground all winter by covering them up with a thick layer of leaves. Any time you wanted some, we would just shovel off the snow, push away the leaves and there the carrots were in the unfrozen ground ready for the picking. No electricity required.
Great story. We're trying this with our carrots this year. Temps just hit - and stuck in - the 20s today!
Unknown said…
I ran a school garden at Mount View High School. One year I planted carrots, and mulched them in the late Fall with several layers of plastic with some straw sandwiched in between. We had elementary students come out in their snowsuits on February 2nd. The snow and covers were removed and each child walked away with their own freshly pulled carrot. What a sight that was, and the carrots were extra sweet.
I like what your are doing with this project. Please stay ravenous.
Another awesome story. I've been hearing great things about school gardening programs in Waldo County/Maine, so nice work adding your contribution. I must say... I mulched my carrots this winter and almost had a heart attack in December when they were frozen sold. If I tried to pick them, they broke, and there was really no way of digging the frozen dirt. But everything changed during a brief thaw a couple weeks ago, and the carrots are SO SWEET.

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