Lasagna Gardening 105: The Verdict After Year 1

"Unsustainable Farming Practices Lead to Misery and Ruin©" - Written, performed, and recorded by Mattie J. Bamman, mastered by Andy Getting

I deliver the verdict on the first year of our lasagna garden. Did this crazy way of starting a garden work? Will we keep gardening next year, or, like, launch a tech startup instead?

This video concludes the first year of the Ravenous Farmer video series. Season Two: The Pests premieres January 2021.


Unknown said…
My Grandfather used to leave his carrots in the ground all winter by covering them up with a thick layer of leaves. Any time you wanted some, we would just shovel off the snow, push away the leaves and there the carrots were in the unfrozen ground ready for the picking. No electricity required.
Great story. We're trying this with our carrots this year. Temps just hit - and stuck in - the 20s today!

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