Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Croatia for Ravenous Travelers: A Gourmet's Introduction

We take a break from the previously schedule Northwest Road Trip series to take you to Croatia, where you can eat and drink like a king or a white-truffle-obsessed school girl, depending on your want:

This article originally appeared on the Viator travel website

Sandwiched between some of Europe’s most seductive culinary cultures, Croatia has fascinated epicurean travelers with surprisingly great food and wine since gaining independence in 1996. Some areas of Croatia were part of Italy until the end of WWII, and you’ll find gnocchi, pastas, and olive oil-based dishes on one hand and, on the other, paprika, yoghurt, spicy grilled meats, and other icons of the Near East. This melting pot of delicious foods has induced everyone from backpackers to Anthony Bourdain to enjoy fresh mussels and local wine on Croatia’s pebble beaches.

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