Gettin' Hot: Arriving in the Richmond Neighborhood of Vancouver, BC

This article is part of the one-month road trip series, The Great Northwest North American Wine Road Trip, during which we'll visit wine countries in Oregon, British Columbia, and Washington. Follow along in real time on Twitter with the hashtag, #NWRoadTrip.

After hanging with Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Northern Willamette Valley, Oregon, Miss Kristin and I met up with @marcygordon to explore the wine countries of British Columbia. #NWRoadtrip, a wine-fueled travel writing expedition to the great wine countries of the Pacific Northwest, is in full effect. Take a look at this ravenous wine-and-travel crew:

After a quick and easy border crossing, we arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, where we're staying in the Richmond neighborhood. This neighborhood, just south of the city center, is famous for its flourishing Chinese culture (seriously: literally 200 Asian restaurants within walking distance of our hotel!) and the beautiful old British fishing village of Steveston. 

We will be eating and drinking everything in sight.

Over the next few days, we'll eat some of the most authentic Chinese food ever; visit the fruit and grape wineries of Fraser Valley and Richmond; and finish with an epic meal in Steveston—all with funny glasses!

Snow-capped mountains surround Vancouver and Richmond on all sides. Amazing.

Here's a quick visitor's guide to Vancouver's Richmond neighborhood in British Columbia:

Money: Right now, the Canadian dollar is slightly stronger than the American, but many businesses let you pay in American dollars without an additional surcharge or increase in price. 

Richmond Sights: 
  • 200+ Asian dining options within just a few blocks, from Cantonese and Taiwanese to Korean BBQ, dim sum, and sushi (more on this in a later post).
  • Steveston, a picturesque fishing waterfront with lots of restaurant options and a boardwalk—all well off the typical tourist route. 
  • Minoru Park, a pleasant park with ponds, weeping willows, lily pads and lilies/lotus flowers, and lots of waterfowl. Great for a stroll, with lots of benches: perfect for a picnic, or just to watch the locals lawn-bowl.
  • Dover Beach: With trails along the coast, this is a nice place to take a stroll. Plus, a viewing platform lets you watch seaplanes take off and land.
Where to Stay: Stay either 1) near where Minoru Boulevard crosses Westminster Highway, for access to lots of Asian dining options, Minoru Park, and Dover Beach or 2) in Steveston, for a working waterfront and lots of Western-style seafood restaurants.

Transportation: The nice thing about staying near Minoru Boulevard is that you can hop on the SkyTrain. This easy-to-use public transportation option takes you to downtown Vancouver in 15 minutes. The $4, two-zone ticket is good for 90 minutes. The Vancouver airport is less than 10 minutes by public transportation. In addition, your hotel will likely offer a free shuttle; Sheraton Vancouver Airport did (it has comfortable beds, a nice poolside dining area, and good food).

For more information, contact the Richmond tourism board.

Portions of this article included information obtained during a press trip funded by the Richmond tourism board.


She Said said…
Thanks for the tip on Edible Canada. We will definitely check it out!
Yeah, definitely check out the Granville Public Market in Vancouver as well as the Richmond neighborhood (more on that to follow). We didn't eat at the Edible Canada restaurant, but sure like the name!

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