Why Jon Rimmerman is a Rock Star

I found a new hero over the weekend: Jon Rimmerman, founder of Garagiste, a "100% independent, pro-consumer purveyor of wine, food, wisdom, and esoteric tidbits of travel and culture." What's not to love?

Rimmerman is all about high-value wine, and in his recent interview with GQ Magazine, he lists his favorite wine regions for finding high-quality wines for low prices. What do you know—he loves all of the same places that I do! And thanks to his booming success (Garagiste sold $30 million of wine in 2012 according to the New York Times), these beautiful wine regions are getting more attention. In honor of Jon Rimmerman's awesome wine philosophy, here is a collection of Ravenous Traveler articles focused on the wine regions that he and I both love: the Columbia River Gorge, Puglia, Italy, and the wine regions surrounding Cape Town, South Africa. (If only he'd included the wines of Croatia!)

The Columbia River Gorge:
"The Columbia Gorge, in Washington and Oregon, is the most exciting wine region in America," says Rimmerman

Courtesy of Columbia Gorge Winegrowers

Washington Magazine: Pour on Columbia, Drink in the relaxed tasting rooms of the Columbia River Gorge
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Ravenous Traveler: Tips for Wine Tasting in the Columbia Gorge and Hood River
Ravenous Traveler: Hood River Wine Tasting in the Columbia Gorge

Puglia, Italy:
“If you like Zinfandel, try Negroamaro from Puglia, Italy." —Jon Rimmerman

Map of Puglia wine region courtesy of Italian Flavor Consortium

BootsnAll.com: The Budget Traveler's Wine Tasting Guide to Italy
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Wine Regions surrounding Cape Town, South Africa:
“Cape Town is a mélange of everything a person looks for. It's spiritual. It's edgy. And the wine region is one of the most untapped. —Jon Rimmerman

Viator Travel Blog: Guide to Wine Tasting near Cape Town, South Africa
Travel + Escape: Drinking Up South African History


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