Interview with Massimiliano Apollonio

This week's addition of my wine column, Sipping from the Heel, features an interview of Apollonio Winery's, Massimiliano Apollonio. One of the most talked about winemakers in Italy after winning this year's Grand Gold Medal in one of the most important categories at Vinitaly, Massimiliano is down to earth with a twinkle in his eye whenever the subject of wine comes up. In the interview, we talk about his philosophy of winemaking, Puglia's environment, and the future of the New World-style wines that are produced in Italy. Please head over and leave a comment if you get a chance. Don't hesitate to demand more answers, and I'll try my best to supply them. Here are two reviews of his wines: 2000 Divoto and 2007 Fanali rosato.

As Alfonso Cevola writes in his recent blog post, August in Italy is a time for beaches, bikinis, drinks with funny names, and parties. This kind of life philosophy is foreign to an American like myself and I find it hard to really partake fully in Dolce Far Niente. The saying means "The sweet doing nothing," but it's more complicated that it seems. Doing nothing is an art in Italy. It could mean quitting work early to drink a glass of wine and watch the sunset. It could mean taking a walk on the beach rather than going out with friends. What are some of your ideas for Dolce Far Niente?

For me, it seems that article deadlines and job applications are always around the corner. Between poetry, articles, blogs, and 3 books, there's a lot that I want to do. But life is about balance. Yesterday I was reading The Sound and The Fury and suddenly a short-story appeared. Two hours later it was complete. I know for a fact that I wouldn't have this story today if I hadn't been twiddling my thumbs all day, reading on the patio rather than focusing on work. So, how do we find this balance?

In Italy, summer vacation doesn't end when you graduate from high school. Most businesses are closed and the beaches are absolutely packed. Shouldn't we all be spending more time doing nothing? And with that, I bid you adieu.


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