Watch: Puerto Escondido Mini Travel Guide, Mexico

Puerto Escondido, Mexico, is my ideal tropical beach getaway: It's a tropical paradise and everything's so inexpensive you get to act like you're rich for a week or two. Watch the video below, offering an introduction and travel guide to Puerto Escondido. You'll see just how chill and comfortable the place is. You may even feel like you're in a John Grisham novel discussing how to hide your fortune in the Cayman Islands.

The video includes where to find the best coffee in Puerto Escondido, as well as a hip bar and restaurant for help finding long-term apartment rentals. The staff speaks English.

The rest of the video highlights Puerto Escondido's natural beauty and dedication to the do-nothing vacation. Bring a book. Soak it up.

My first major trip abroad was to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, in 2004. Coming from a frugal back-to-the-land family, I had no idea how easy and cheaply I could travel to Mexico. The flight cost around $500, and I spent three weeks traveling through Mexico for a grand total of $1000. Prices really haven't changed. We found hostel beds for $9/night, surf hotels for $30/night, and upscale hotels for as cheap as $50/night, proving you can choose the level of luxury to your taste. Let me know if you have any questions.


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