Take a Tour of Puerto Escondido's Culinary Center, the Mercado

As I wrote last week, you'll find some of the best food in Puerto Escondido at Mercado Benito Juarez. Many travelers miss the Mercado because it is located away from the beach in Puerto Escondido's city center. This is where locals do their shopping and go out to eat. The video below shows how to catch a bus to the Mercado from Zicatela Beach.

This video is from January 2018. The bus took around five minutes and cost US$.50 each direction.  Buses ran regularly. I never had to wait longer than a couple minutes for a pick up.

At Mercado Benito Juarez, I found dozens of sit-down food stalls serving traditional Mexican food, from moles to chile rellenos. The concierge at our hotel said the best way to choose where to eat is to see which spot is the most popular. We settled on Los Tres Giresoles and the dishes were excellent.

Besides all the great food, the Mercado is the heart of Puerto Escondido. There's tons of shopping, so expect to pick up a souvenir or two. Don't miss the stands selling Oaxacan string cheese.

Here's how to get to Puerto Escondido's Mercado from Zicatela Beach:


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