Portland's Laundromat for Singles Opens Second Location

Within the sultry labyrinth of Portland dating, my single friends say spic-and-span Spin Laundry Lounge sits at the center: A place where you can not only buy someone a beer, but a round of laundry, with the added benefit they have nowhere to be for the next hour.

Following up on the North Mississippi/North Williams location, Spin Laundry Lounge 2.0 is opening at 2326 NE Broadway, right next door to the Rose & Thistle English pub, and on the same block as Ataula spinoff 180 xurros. Owner Morgan Gary tells Ravenous Traveler the new laundromat and lounge will be a little different.

There will still be an indoor lounge area, but customers can bring in food and drink from nearby businesses. Come spring, Spin Laundry 2.0 will start serving coffee and light food from its Coffee Bus, with patio seating. Pop-up parties are also in store.

"We're partnering with local businesses and doing food, drink, event, arts & crafts, and music pop ups in our lounge space," says Morgan. (Fingers crossed the nearby, all-female-run Nightwood Society, which just took over short-lived Chesa in September, will be involved.)

The new Spin sets up inside a former auto repair shop. [Photo: Mattie John Bamman]

So you'll be able to buy someone a beer  coffee along with a round of laundry at the new Spin Laundry Lounge. Or invite them to the bar in the wood-paneled Rose & Thistle next door.

The new spot could open as soon as next week, Morgan tells RavTrav. The team is waiting on final permits. Keep an eye on Spin Laundry Lounge's Facebook page for the latest.


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