Today We Leave For Italy!

1 D300 Camera with 18-200mm lens and SB-600 Flash
1 MacBook 10.5.6
1 250 GB Hard drive
1 Bag of Clothes: 3 pairs of pants, eight shirts, 1 jacket, 1 sweater
Books: Faulkner, Kaftka, D.F.W., Dean Young, Steinbeck, Henry Miller, O'Hara, Nieztche, etc.
iPod with speakers
1 Recently Completed Manuscript
1 Cell Phone
1 Passport
Some money

and like they say, We're outta Dodge.

My girlfriend and I head to NYC to visit friends and then catch a flight to London, then Zurich, then Italy. Throughout all of this, I will bring you reports of the best wine along the way. I hope to learn how to make wine the Italian way by meeting a great winemaker and working his or her winery. Meals never taste better than when you make them yourself, so why shouldn't wine?

In so doing, I hope to envelope myself in the philosophy and lifestyle of Italy. As so many travelers know, Italy provides a space to indulge in nothingness. You can watch a sunset and have it be the pinnacle of your day --- others will understand -- and so, the important things in life are put at the forefront of living. Good friends, family, food, wine, and art --- particularly poetry in the land of Dante --- are what else really matters, right?

I hope we can share these things together through this blog. If you made a great meal or drank a great bottle of wine, I want to know about it. Then, it's like we drank them together. So indulge with me, in the finer things in life.


Kelly Luce said…
salute! cin cin! can't wait to clink glasses in person soon :D

safe travels guys!


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